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Our Procedures…


We will be pleased to give you all the information you need, depending on the type of extension/development you are wishing to carry out, whether, you require simply permitted development and building control approval, or, need prior planning application and require, when granted, additional building control approval.  Do not hesitate to contact us for all the details and information you require to help and advise you on all aspects. If you prefer, we will happily call in person and discuss your plans and advise on any potential problems or unforeseen costs. At this stage there is naturally no obligation on you or cost involved


Once conformation has been given to proceed with our service, we will need to carry out a fully dimensional survey of your property. We can arrange a suitable time when it will be convenient to both yourself and us to be able to do this, when we will be happy to answer any other queries you may have.


Depending on the procedure to be used plans will be prepared in accordance with the requirements necessary.

For full planning/permitted development application: For this stage Beaver Tech will produce and provide 3D Model draft drawings of your property which will show the proposed works being undertaken, both internally and externally. We will work closely on a one to one basis to achieve your vision from a project conception through to fully detailed drawings required for the relevant stage, providing what you require conforms to Planning and Building Control regulations.


Once you confirm you are happy with the design completed in stage three, we are now ready to move onto the next stage.

Planning/permitted development:

We will now convert your drawings from a draft plan, to Planning/Lawful Development drawings ready to be submitted to the relevant council. We will complete all relevant documentation to accompany the drawings and any further details that may be required. All our drawings are submitted to the relevant Borough Council via the Government Planning Portal.

We will keep you fully informed at each stage of the submission. We will email you a confirmation once the application has been submitted together with full instructions on separate payments required for councils fees and, additional information.

Building Control:

Building Regulations approval is a separate matter from obtaining planning permission for the work you may wish to carry out. In certain cases, you may not require planning permission but will require a full set of building regulations drawings, which comply to the latest building control regulations, and the development is allowable under permitted development rights.


Once your builders have been engaged and work has now started, if you have any questions you need answering we remain available till the end of the project.